How to Expand Day Hand Trees

Date Hand Tree, scientific name Phoenix metro Dactylifera, is one of one of the most identifiable palm trees worldwide mainly Medjool Dates due to its marvelous look and delicious fruits. It is additionally called Medjool palm.


This huge gorgeous hand is one of the earliest trees in the globe being in cultivation for over 5000 years. Indigenous to North Africa this hand was one of the very first plants to be cultivated by individuals.

The day hand can tolerate a variety of problems consisting of dry spell, bad dirt, desert environment, light freeze, high salt water as well as high winds. It flourishes completely sunlight and also moist well drained pipes soil. It can quickly endure drought when developed and fully grown enough due to its long roots that reach deep down seeking water.

It is slow-moving growing and also can rise to 90ft tall with a spread up to 30 ft large. Hefty dark environment-friendly cover of pinnate, or feathery-shaped, fronds sits on top of the brown-gray trunk that is covered with old leaf bases.

It can be single or multi-trunked. If it creates multiple trunks, you will certainly require to divide them in order to have a single one.

At the end of springtime, it generates white as well as cream blossoms that expand in clusters on 4 feet (1.2 m) lengthy inflorescence among the leaves. Male as well as women blossoms expand on different plants, the pollination occurs by wind.

Day fruit is oblong, 1-3 inches long, with a single seed inside that is surrounded by sweet sugary flesh. Dates are very tasty and also nutritional including a whole lot of vitamins as well as minerals.

For thousands of years, dates have been utilized to treat different medical conditions. It is known to aid with treating anemia, irregular bowel movements, diarrhea and conditions of gentio-urinary system.

Phoenix Dactylifera can be utilized for lots of functions like food, medicine, sanctuary, gas, and also building materials. The amazing thing is that every part of this palm can be utilized for something.

You can propagate this palm from seeds or by offsets. Seeds takes only 2-3 months to germinate.

Phoenix az Dactylifera is vulnerable to leaf spot, black scorch, dangerous yellowing illness, origin rot as well as fruit rot conditions. To stop different illness always use clean devices. In instance of an illness, utilize ideal fungicides.

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Native to North Africa this palm was one of the first plants to be cultivated by people. The date palm can tolerate a selection of conditions consisting of drought, bad dirt, desert environment, light freeze, high salt water and also high winds. I live in Florida and also I am a Hand Tree enthusiast. I created a fun site Florida Palm Trees, that has a lot of great ideas and also posts about palm tree care including Palm Tree thorough description as well as colorful pictures. Read a lot more care information on Date Hand Tree.